Saturday, 30 December 2017

Napoleonic gaming

As Christmas is a quiet affair for us this year with just one of the kids returning for the holidays. I was able to escape and play another game with my recently completed Napoleonic armies. I set up the forces and tabletop for a Caldiero 1805 style game. I am using the Command and Colour Napoleonic maps as a guide for both the terrain layout and force composition.

Table set up
A slightly closer view of the table and Spencer Smith miniatures.
The French begin by launching an attack on their right flank
An Austrian cavalry charge eliminated a weakened French infantry unit
The French centre pushes up to support the flank which was losing momentum
Austrian cavalry launch an attack on the French right wing. This proved to be a decisive attack as it eliminated not only an infantry unit, but also the nearby artillery. French cavalry can be seen moving across to counter the move - alas they were too late.
In the centre Austrians grenadier units in the town were holding firm and taking a toll on the attackers.
At this stage the battle was at its height with reserves positioned to move into the line.
French attacks on the centre fail and the game momentum turns in the Austrian favour.  
The battle was still a close run thing on the other flank.
The French break off their attack and retire from the field of battle.

The house rules seem to be hanging together and providing an enjoyable solo game. Still a few more games will be required to help make sure the different situations that occur on a tabletop are covered. I had better write up the rules in their current state. As I will forget which of my many scribbles have been discarded if not done soon.

I must confess I am really enjoying play these Napoleonic games. The last time I played some Napoleonic games I would have been 12 years old with my yellow plastic Airfix armies stuck on bits of cardboard.  Never thought I would ever have my own painted armies to game with.


  1. A very inspiring battle report. It's made me realise that I really must try to get my Napoleonic project finished.

    All the best,


    1. Thank you Bob. All the best for completing your Napoleonic project. From reading your Blog I recall you had collection quite sizeable armies. Cheers Peter

  2. Well, its also a joy for us to watch. Ahhh those yellow Napoleonics!

    All the best for the New Year