Wednesday, 27 December 2017

Update on painting project list

A while back in August 2017 I listed all my painting projects. These are a combination of projects I wanted to do because of interest, or because I had a number of miniatures collected many years ago before I tool a break from wargaming. Producing this list was prompted by two blogs: Natholeon's Empires and Here's No Great Matter where there was a suggestion of a more project minded approach to painting armies.

Fortunately my projects are medium sized (I believe) due to the limitations of a 6x4 foot gaming table. There are only so many units which can be accommodated on such a sized table. This is a self imposed tabletop size, as it is easy to manoeuvre troops and I prefer games to be about an hour or so in duration.

Anyway, back on topic. I posted the list back in August. Looking at the list today I can cross off the first two projects as being completed.

Napoleonic - Completed December 2017.

WW2 Burma - Completed October 2017.

Samurai - A very old collection of 25mm MINIFIGS which I am yet to start.

English Civil War - The plan is to repaint my old and partially painted Hinchcliffe 25mm miniatures. Yet to start.

Warhammer Age of Sigmar (starter pack) - Yet to start.

Warhammer 40K - Started work on Necromunda figures.

So which one to start on next? I exclude Warhammer 40K as this is my never ending project. One which I will often use as a filler or when I feel the need to do something different.

Before choosing the next project. There is one additional project which should be added to the list and is causing a dilemma for me - ACW (Spencer Smith miniatures). I have enough infantry, cavalry and artillery for a couple of armies, but I already have some painted Minifigs 15mm ACW armies. Rather than have two ACW armies in different scales. My present thinking is to create a couple of Victorian Science Fiction armies using these Spencer Smith ACW miniatures with various scratch built contraptions. Most likely they will be painted with a ACW theme along with walking Ironclads perhaps?

Currently my focus is on playing out my solo French Indian War campaign and devising rules for some Napoleonic games. Here are some photos of a recent Napoleonic game using some quickly produced house rules, which are an amalgamation of ideas from OHW and 2 by 2 napoleonic rules.

Opening moves of a game which is loosely based on the battle of Wertingen1805 
French Guard attack supported by Light Infantry
The battle hots up with French cavalry attacking the Austrian right flank
Austrian cavalry rush to protect their left flank 
Austrian Infantry in a square defending against the French cavalry
Artillery is used to break the Austrian Infantry square - after which Austrian forces retire


  1. Interesting post and beautiful looking Tabletop Battle. I think your Imagi Nations VSF solution a good one to your ACW issue. I have the same multiple scale issue with a small Peter Laing 15mm ACW army, a handful of Spencer Smith ACW 30mms, a half finished but playable ACW Airfix army from my childhood and an as yet unpainted 54mm Britain's Timpo ACW skirmish force. Most of these are mostly infantry. I am keeping the painting loose enough to be available for Imagi-Nations by reflagging. Maybe I like the colour scheme too much! It also allows me to include USCT Coloured troops etc. It also allows flexible scale versions of the same battle or Campaign, from garden skirmish to more regimental action. (In this vein I should collect 2mm or 5/6mm 1:300th ACW armies). Best wishes for the New Gaming Year 2018. Mark Man of TIN

    1. Thank you. After more thought I will definitely be painting up as ACW first, then look at any VSF style add ons. Good gaming in 2018.

  2. I suppose it depends how invested you are in 15mm ACW ... if not so much, it may be worth selling off and doing the ACW in Spencer Smith, which I am guessing you may prefer. If these are also your only 15mm, then some terrain could go as well (this is in the spirit of my newly found ethos of clearing out and dropping multi-scales :-) )

    The table looks great.

    1. I find it had to sell on armies I have collected in the past and invested time in painting. And I do have WW1 and AWI in 15mm scale. For now I will be painting the Spencer Smith miniatures as ACW, then I will see what can be added to provide a VSF feel. Good gaming to you in 2018.