Wednesday, 6 December 2017

A couple of skirmish games

Painting of my Napoleonic Spencer-Smith plastic figures while still continuing is now at a slightly slower pace due to the painting a few figures for some quick Necromunda style skirmish games. For rules I will be using adapted Fistful of Dollar Reloaded rules to deal with grenade launchers and flamers.

Game one had two gangs searching for some loot amongst the ruins of an old under-hive.

House Escher Game from the Necromunda boxed set
A cobbled together gang from my existing W40k figures and called the Preacher gang
The gangs searching for loot 
Loot is collected
The Preacher gang successfully won the game
The second game had the Preacher gang with their haul of loot from game 1 and defending against some very recently painted Adeptus Arbites. The Arbites had been tipped of about the gang and their loot.

Newly painted Arbites are rushed into tabletop action 
The Preacher gang guard their loot
A lookout spots the Arbites advancing through the ruins
The squad leader charges in while covering fire is provided by the rest of the squad.
Some close combat ensued
Accurate shooting gave victory to the Arbite squad.


  1. Peter- great to see you being successful in games with your recently painted Necromunda figures...lots of fun there with two great Scenarios - well devised! Cheers. KEV.

    1. Hi KEV - The games were enjoyable and quick. About 30mins per game, which seems right to me for a skirmish game.

  2. Nifty collection of terrain pieces, Peter!

    1. Thanks. A combination of GW terrain plus scratch built with bits of wood with, tin cans and leftover bits from GW kits.