Tuesday, 27 February 2018

Montcalm-Wolfe Campaign Relay - Game 2 Setup

The second Montcalm-Wolfe campaign relay game (Battle of Fort William-Henry) is going to be a similar set up to the first game. Except the forces involved are quite different with a better experienced French force attacking a larger inexperienced British force mainly made up of militia.

For campaign background and how the campaign relay works see Jonathan's blog - Palouse Wargaming Journal.

A quick google search found the map below which helped me decide the the tabletop would have a few woods.

As with the previous game each campaign regiment was represented by of my 3 units on the tabletop. The fort also comes with one unit of artillery which must be deployed within the fort.

Not all British troops defending the Fort William-Henry could be accommodated within its confines. Some are in defensive positions outside the fort on its left flank. Ranger units are positioned in the hills, which are treated as difficult terrain, from which they will harass the advancing French should they stray too close.

From a rules perspective Militia units will be treated in many ways as irregular units, except they cannot double their resolve when in cover like irregulars. So they are quite fragile unless in fortifications when they can double their resolve.

Fort William-Henry defended by militia units
Ranger units waiting in the hills
The French force of two regular regiments are deployed in two lines each of three units. The French have been allowed to select one unit of grenadiers as part of their six units.

The French plan of attack is to first eliminate the threat of the militia outside the fort, before attacking the fort corner housing the artillery. By removing militia their hope is to quickly wear down the British army resolve.

The French while being experienced regulars will have to be careful to minimise their losses with only 7 army resolve points, which if exceeded will result in their forced withdrawal from the battlefield.

The army resolve rules have a D3 dice rolled for every unit lost (doubled for grenadiers). The scores are recorded and once the total exceeds the army resolve the game effectively ends.

French plan of attack and order of battle (OB). The campaign units are in brackets. 

Ok so the game is setup and ready to play...


  1. Looks great! I really enjoy your hand drawn battle map.

    1. Thanks. I am finding the maps with their intended attack plans help to provide some structure to the game moves at the beginning. Less so as the turns progress.
      Should be posting game tomorrow.

  2. Nice pics, and, as usual, wonderful fort!