Tuesday, 21 August 2018

ECW Refight of Fiddler's Bottom

As my English Civil War project continues. I have turned to a book "Wargame Tactics" by Charles Grant for inspiration and have setup the tabletop to refight the imaginary battle of Fiddler's Bottom as best as possible. I use the term "as best as possible" because the scale of my armies and tabletop are somewhat less than those described in the book, where the combined armies had 500 plus infantry and 150 cavalry.

Inspiration for the battle of Fiddler's Bottom
My scaled down version is on a 6x4 foot table and has 100 infantry, 32 cavalry and 18 dragoons. I am using dragoons rather than commanded shot as described in the book. I am yet to paint up my commanded shot units. These numbers translate to the following order of battle:

Royalist Force
3 x Galloper units
1 x Trotter unit
3 x Infantry units
2 x Dragoon units

Parliamentarian Force
4 x Trotter units
5 x Infantry units
1 x Dragoon unit

The Parliamentarian units lined up on the far side
Royalists position and the farm Fiddler's Bottom on their right flank
The game is being played without a grid as I try out the current version of my house rules to see how they play with a free movement approach.


  1. Hi Peter,

    As I recall did this action have one of the commanders going by the marvellous name of Harbottle Grimstone? I used to have a copy of this book but it has long since gone.

    All the best,


    1. Hi David, Your memory serves you well. The Parliament forces were indeed commanded by Harbottle Grimstone and to complete the picture Sir Peter Oldbody commanded the Royalists. Cheers, Peter

  2. Nice sized game, a close to doubling effect for the Neil Thomas sized game, but with the bigger table, the adjustment is in accordance with his ethos. Is Wargame Tactics one of the modern reprints by John Curry?

    1. Norm, I have not seen a Curried version of Wargame Tactics yet. My copy is still the original HB.

    2. Hi Norm, I find doubling of units on the larger table using OHW rules, variants of OHW, or other simple rules, produce very enjoyable games which are completed in about an hour.
      The book is an original from the early 1980's.

  3. I had forgotten all about Grant's ECW scenario in WT. Pulled it off the shelf to take a look myself. Looking forward to the BatRep.

    1. Thank you Jonathan. I am looking forward to playing the game. I am debating whether to follow similar courses of action from the book. Or have the Parliament forces hold back more, as the Royalists are a relieving force and need to take the initiative in the game.

  4. That is a splendid looking game Peter.

    1. I had fun laying out the game and trying to adjust the scenario to a more modest sized game.