Thursday, 9 August 2018

French Indian War Campaign - Game 20

The campaign has moved into May 1759 with the Battle at Oswegatchie and we see a surprise attack by the British on the settlement. For full details of the operational moves and the influence of recent battles on the campaign political tracker please view Jonathan's Palouse Wargaming Journal.

The battle at its height
The orders of battle for the tabletop are increased by a factor of 3 from those described in the campaign:

Commander Loudoun (A0D1)
4 x Regular Units
1 x Light Infantry
1 x Grenadiers

Commander Rigaud (A0D1)
3 x Regular units
3 x Militia (improved number of hits allowed due to Rigaud's command D1 ability)

Because of the surprise attack all French units must begin the game either in the town or adjacent squares.

For a bit of a change I decided to show the various stages of the battle on a map followed by some photos of the game.

Opening positions
First line of attack by the British
British shift their second position to the right as the French retire to the settlement 
The final British position as they move into the settlement
A British victory, and now for the photos...

The British move into position.
The first British line (the gap in the French line was through the loss of their first unit and Commander)
The British reposition as the French retire to the settlement.
The second British position as they begin to close in on the settlement.
The final phase as the settlement is entered by the British for a victory.


  1. I like your maps, Peter!

    Did the French lose Rigaud and the militia with the British losing neither of the Regular regiments? This loss may be another nail in the French coffin.

  2. Rigaud was badly wounded and carried away from the action to the settlement. He was captured by the British when they occupied settlement and later died of his wounds (a roll of 1 will do that to you every time). The British were not able to mop up the remaining French troops leaving the field of battle, as they focussed all their troops on one side of the settlement. The French units both took substantial casualties.

  3. But according to your friend Jonathan, the outcome of this British victory on the board game was that the French capitulated! Huzzah for Abercrombie and Co, but the down side is no more of these fascinating games...I hope you had as much fun playing them as I have had reading about them.

    1. I am glad you enjoyed reading about the campaign as it progressed. It was a most enjoyable collaboration which has now come to a conclusion. It was getting to the end stage of the campaign where every British victory was a telling blow. A hard task for the French in the end.