Sunday, 12 August 2018

Painted cloth terrain features

A while back I used watered down paint to help stain a piece of material to cover my tabletop (see here). Essentially a home made battle mat. Since then I have been looking at some of the other cloth items I use for roads and fields as they look a bit stark. Given how painting the battle mat worked out, I decided to tryout a painting approach with some of my field terrain features.

A yellow piece of felt used to represent a field
The yellow felt now painted.
A ploughed field made from a corduroy material.
The ploughed field with paint effects applied. Dry-brushing a sand colour and dots of green.
So far my test pieces have worked out and I will finish the remaining fields before turning my attention the road and town terrain features.

Meanwhile on the gaming side, other than the French India War campaign,  I am continuing to play out some English Civil War games to test out the D3 dice rules.

Royalist forces attempt to cross the river


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    1. It always surprises me what a difference few lines or dabs of paint can make. Thank you.

  2. Replies
    1. Thank you. I now need to figure out the best technique for the roads and tracks.