Sunday, 21 April 2019

A few games over the Easter weekend.

A mixed bag of wargaming with little work on my paper armies this week. The week began with a few WW2 Western Desert games to do some more testing of rules for: smoke, brewed up tanks and dust from moving vehicles. I am hopefully at the stage now where I can write up a quick reference sheet my notes on the modifications to the Lock 'n' Load's Tank on Tank rules.

Dust from moving vehicles blocks line of sight and are used to mark units that have been moved during a turn
Brewed up vehicles like dust block line of sight and are used to track destroyed units. Once half of the units are destroyed  HQs can no longer be returned when their assigned units are destroyed.

With both kids at home this Easter weekend a number of boardgames were played and a few Necromunda style games played using rules from the book "One-Hour Skirmish Wargames". These turned out to be quite exciting and great fun.

Necromunda style game
Charging forward with both guns blazing
A good shooting position


  1. I like those puff ball tumbleweeds- very SciFi ina Star Trek sort of way and suit your terrain very well.

    1. Thank you. The alien tumbleweeds are from some plastic plants bought at a hobby centre and pulled apart.

  2. Hi Peter

    I have lots of painted 1/300 painted for WW2 Africa. Was looking into simple grid based rules. So I am keenly following your superb North Africa project. Especially looking forward to your T on T rules mods and some detailed game AARs showing the rules in action!
    PS what size are your unit bases?

    1. Hi Noel, The bases are 2x2 inch with HQ markers on smaller 1 inch bases. The rule modifications should be in my next post all being well.