Saturday, 13 April 2019

Jacobite Raising Paper Soldier Armies

I am about two-thirds the way through completing my Jacobite Raising of 45 paper armies. I should be having a game in the next couple of weeks once I complete a few artillery, commanders, and British infantry units.

To motivate myself I decided to get all completed units onto the tabletop to see how they look. The figures are from "Wargame the Jacobite '45" paper soldier book by Peter Dennis. I chose to increase the original 28mm sized figures to 42mm.

The book also comes with a set of rules by Andy Callan. You can play the full 5 page ruleset or a streamlined 1 page subset of the rules. The full rules cover, amount other things, how units are deployed for a battle which are both interesting and add period flavour. I plan to use the streamlined rules for my first game. The rules are straightforward and each turn has the following stages:

  1. Shoot
  2. Move
  3. Fight
  4. Discipline

Players dice to decide who shoots first with units rolling a number of dice based upon the number of bases they have and adjusted for unit type and quality. Casualties are recorded and a base removed after every three casualties. The fight stage is similar to shooting and deals with charges and melee and dice rolls are again based upon the unit type and number of bases.

Movement like shooting is diced for to determine which player moves first, with move distances being variable for some units.

Unit discipline triggered in certain situations, such as when a base is lost, and units can become shaken or rout.

Anyway, here are some photos...
British infantry and artillery 
Jacobite infantry
A view of Jacobite forces from British lines 
British cavalry
The British lines 
A view of both armies
Jacobite forces
A closer view of the single artillery unit - more to be made


  1. Replies
    1. Thank you. Making the figures larger in my view helps to show of Peter Dennis' artwork.

  2. Very impressive looking forces!

    1. Thanks. The three rows on most units help the look.

  3. The Gentlemen above have already said it! Looks great Peter!

  4. These look simply superb Peter.
    Will look very good in action and the rules look very interesting.

    1. Thanks. I am looking forward to trying the rules and having a wargame with these.

  5. They really do look great Peter, I have been so tempted to try some myself. How do you find the cutting out?

    1. When copying the figures I increase the size from A4 to A3 paper which is 144 percent of the original size, or 42mm figures. I find cutting this size much better. The original 28mm figure size is too fiddly for me.