Thursday 4 April 2019

ECW Campaign Game 19

The battle of Alton begins with Royalist forces taking up a defensive position on the central hill and waiting for Parliamentarian forces to make the first move.

Starting positions for forces
Parliamentarian cavalry moved forward their first rank of units and engaged the Royalist cavalry with pistols. The Royalists quickly responded and charged in and a cavalry melee began. On the other flank, Parliament's dragoons were moving forward in an attempt to out flank the Royalist centre on the hill and occupy the fields.

Parliament's cavalry move forward
A cavalry melee ensues
Dragoons engage in a fight over the fields on the flank
With both flanks engaged, Parliament's centre pushed forward and engaged Royalist units positioned on the hill. Meanwhile, the cavalry melee continued with more Parliamentarian cavalry being fed into the melee. The Royalist cavalry were doing rather well. I say that because they have been rather problematic in previous engagements.

Parliament's attack on the hill begins 
Parliament's dragoons force their counterparts to retire and capture the fields, flanking the Royalist centre

As the flanks are contested, cavalry on one and dragoons on the other. A breakaway group of Royalist cavalry charged into the advancing Parliamentarian infantry units. They eliminated a unit and with other results put an end to attacks upon the hill. This was very much the turning point of the game, with casualties mounting Parliament's army resolve was in a very shaky stake.

Parliamentarian units attack the hill
The attack is repulsed by cavalry and musket fire
With the Royalists holding the hill, the battle was being fought on both flanks. Parliament's dragoons had been successful in clearing the one Royalist dragoon unit on flank. However, they were only going to annoy, rather threaten, the Royalists positioned on the hill. In the end the game was decided on the other flank. The Royalist cavalry eventually defeated the remaining Parliament cavalry. This was too much for the remaining Parliamentarian forces, who were already in a shaky state, and their army retired the field of battle and giving victory to the Royalists.

Battle moves
The campaign year 1644 may yet see the Royalist cause well positioned for victory.


  1. Excellent battle report. When I saw the OB, I thought the Roundheads might have h advantage. I was so wrong. Love your table layout,

    1. The central hill did provide a strong defensive position for the Royalists which offset the order of battle disadvantage. Thanks.

  2. Wonderful After Action Report, direct and to the point.

    1. Thank you. Glad you enjoyed the report.

  3. The royalist cavalry finally managed to be an asset rather than a detriment! The King’s position is looking promising... which doubtless means it will all go South shortly!

    1. The Royalists certainly have the momentum in 1644, but as you say it could all change.