Monday 11 November 2019

ECW Campaign - Battle of Oakham Hill

The opening battle of the 1646 campaign year has Royalists forces marching on the East Midland region which is currently under control of Parliament. The Parliamentarian cause is under pressure with their forces only controlling a few south eastern regions.

The forces clashed near Oakham Hall. The Parliamentarian commanded has a smaller force and took up a defensive position on Oakham hill keeping his units behind the stream. The stream is crossable, but will be treated as a obstacle and cover in a melee situation for defenders. The Royalist commander drew up his forces with cavalry on the left flank and artillery on the right flank.

Tabletop setup and unit deployment
Map of forces and their opening positions
The opening moves in the battle had Royalists push their infantry forward and in the centre and right wing with their artillery in support. In response Parliament split their cavalry to support both bridges.

As the Royalist centre pushed forward Parliament crossed the bridge and engaged with both infantry and cavalry. This thrust across the stream caught the Royalist advance off guard and a unit was diverted from the centre to counter the threat. The treat was eventually eliminated, but not before the loss of units, including artillery.

While the centre attack having had a unit diverted was unable to dislodge Parliament's infantry positioned on the hill. They soon deciding to retire as losses mounted.

Royalist centre and right flank advance
Parliament units hold firm on the hill, while their unexpected trust across the bridge diverts units
A depleted Parliament cavalry unit successfully charges the artillery before being eliminated.
Having failed to take the hill the Royalist threw forward their dragoons and cavalry on the left flank. Parliament's dragoons after putting up a reasonable fight defending from the across the stream were soon routed by Royalist cavalry. The Parliamentarian commander used his reserve cavalry to bolster the flank as Royalist cavalry forded the stream.

In the centre the Royalist was trying to organise his units supported by dragoons to push forward as a diversion. However, he was having difficulties with command jealousy (which from a game perspective reduced his activation ability) and failed to organise any meaningful attack.

Royalist cavalry attack.
Parliament's dragoons defend the stream, but were soon routed. 
Parliament's reserve cavalry support the defence.
Elsewhere the royalist commander having failed to organise any diversionary attack in the centre, and with his cavalry having a hard time making any headway called off the attack.

Parliament successfully hold their line fo defence.
Battle movements
A solid Parliamentarian victory as they were able to hold their defensive line and effectively used their cavalry to plug any gaps that opened up. With this victory they hold on to the East Midland region.


  1. Nice report! I figured the Royalists might win the day but my calculus was in error. Well done to Parliament!

    1. It looked touch and go at one point, but the campaign card limiting Royalist activations stymied there ability as the game went on.

  2. Nice scenario and a great looking game, with the bonus of a Parliamentarian win:)

    1. Thank you. It was an important win in the campaign for Parliament.

  3. A great game report. Nice to see Parliament pull off a victory.

    1. Thank you. We will have to see if Parliament can carry this momentum into the next game when they march on a Royalist held region.

  4. Replies
    1. Maybe? Another Parliament victory and they will regain territory.

  5. A nice game (by which I think I mean you write up well as a convincing battle narrative) and another win for Parliament - come on let's finish the Roaylists off quickly before they recover and sort out their command issues.

  6. It would be nice to end the campaign with a flourish for Parliament.

  7. So Parliament survives but still has to go on the offensive next to stand a chance of winning.

    Good write up. Plausible outcome. Nice looking table set-up.

    1. Thank you. It was an enjoyable game to play and we will have to see if Parliamentarian forces can maintain this momentum.