Sunday, 10 November 2019

Napoleonic game gives way to ECW game

This weekend I have been able to get some Napoleonic ensigns painted up to give the units a bit more interest. It seems like it has been a long time since I painted any figures. Anyway, for the ensigns I used some spare 17th Century Grenadier figures I had stashed away, converting them by cutting away the musket and adding a standard.
Converted Grenadiers
Now I am using two bases for infantry with my rules and the units certainly look better with an ensign out in front.
My Napoleonic units are a mixed bag of figures, all Spencer Smith, but not necessarily all Napoleonic. These for example are converted ACW figures.
I was going to add some mounted officers and convert their hats, but I soon found a number of these plastic models had become brittle. Always frustrating when this happens. So no officers at this time.

Always unfortunate when some figures are brittle.
I will be trying to add a few officers and ensigns to the cavalry next. These figures have no purpose from a rules perspective and are just there to look good. My desire to add these figures was after seeing the photographs from "Charge!" where there are lots of mounted and foot officers along with drummers and ensigns seen with the units.

My full collection of Spencer Smiths
My Spencer Smith Napoleonic collection is loosely based on the 3rd Coalition. It is about the right size for my 6 by 4 foot tabletop with both sides having the following units: 7 infantry (of 2 bases), 3 light infantry, 3 artillery, and 3 cavalry (of 2 bases). Not too big... Not too small... Just right!

The Napoleonic armies were finally packed away and the tabletop setup for the next English Civil War game. Huzzah!
ECW game setup
Game underway
All being well I will finish the ECW game tonight and post the game report during the week.


  1. The standard bearers look good and do add a bit of class to the brawl.

    Those old plastic figures do get brittle, rather frustrating when you look at the drastic conversions done on them in the 60's and 70's. I suppose you could add a few of the metal copies of mounted officers now available.

    1. I always test the figures with a bendy test before painting. No point painting them if they are only going to break later. And as you say there is still the metal option is still available as a fall back.

  2. Replies
    1. Thank you. Close up the painting standard is quite basic, but from a distance it works well enough.

  3. Basic is appropriate with really old old school figures like Spencer Smiths. Nice conversions.

    1. I quite enjoy doing the basic stuff as it is quick and no fussing around.