Friday, 1 January 2016

One-Hour Wargaming W40K adventure continues

As I continue to play some games using One-Hour Wargames (OHW) house rules with a W40K theme. There are areas of the rules I have changed for dealing with flyers. I find flyers (aircraft) are always awkward to represent on a wargaming table, especially when both sides have flyers in their armies. I'm not sure if they are quite right yet, but are an improvement on what I had before. (Link here or top right of page.)

For movement a Flyer's move is unlimited, but must move a minimum of 24" and they can move and shoot as one action. This helps differentiate them from skimmer/hovering type units. Their shooting range is 6" so you have to move the model next to the unit being attacked. This mechanism forces them to fly around the table and not stay in one spot.
The point in a game which prompted a rule change for flyer units
To stop the issue of having the issue of an opposing flyer just following around the other flyer and shooting at them each turn. A flyer can leave the table as an action (breaking off the dog-fight) and can return the following turn when they win an initiative roll with a 6. This does mean when all all a players units on the table have moved, they still continue to roll for initiative until the opposing player has moved all their available unit. Rather than just having them automatically move all their remaining units, as a winning 6 will bring on a flyer from reserves.
A game in play using OHW scenario 3 - Control the river (in this case lava river)
On painting side I am slowly getting the odd WW2 painting unit completed. With visiting kids being the focus painting is on the back-burner. Assessing the progress I think I am at the halfway point with for getting the initial units I require for a OHW game.

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