Saturday, 16 January 2016

Slow progress on WW2 units

A bit busy this week with other things on the go. So a quiet week for my wargaming and no progress on planning the SciFi mini campaign. I've also been a bit slow with my WW2 modelling and painting for an one-hour wargame mash-up with PanzerBlitz game. I only managed to finish a few units this week, this is partly due to the Airfix models I'm making with have lots of fiddly parts, but come with great memories for the kits (25pdr and Quad, 6pdr and Bren Carrier to name a couple).

Armoured Infantry Units
The bases are representative of a unit type. The unit types I am going to be using are: tank, anti-tank guns, artillery/mortars, armoured infantry, motorised infantry, infantry, heavy machine gun, reconnaissance, armoured artillery and self-propelled anti-tank. There may be more later, e.g. an engineering unit.

Reconnaissance Unit
I have already decided the house rules will not be using a grid as I want variable movement in a similar fashion to the approach I used with my WW1 house rules. Where units move a set number of inches plus the score of an average dice (2,3,3,4,4,5).

Armoured Artillery - A converted Airfix Sherman
I am building these models for wargaming and easy painting, so I fill in any interior details with pottery paster and paint the space a dark grey. I am also trying to keep the costs down with this period, so all the figures and vehicles are plastic, the best value models are purchased, and I'm only getting models I can get at local model shops here in Melbourne (supporting my local outlets). I chose 20mm due availability and for a trip down memory lane. My first wargaming was with Airfix models using rules from "Introduction to Battle Gaming" by Terrance Wise.

My battered copy Terry Wise's Introduction to Battle Gaming purchased when I was 13 years old


  1. I started with the same book and at almost exactly the same age!
    Still have all my old Airfix kits and figures from those days....

    1. Alas I have none of my old models, but enjoying making some of the old Airfix models again. Once I finish painting the Ww2 troops I'll be attempting to refight the attack on Bratwurst village - page 114. Peter

  2. I will have to re-read that battle!

  3. Replies
    1. It certainly captured by imagination with all those black and white photos, and got me organising my Airfix miniatures.