Saturday, 30 January 2016

Medieval Diversion

One evening last week I had a spare hour after a game and decide to sort though some boxes with my Minifig  25mm Hundred Years War figures. I originally bought and painted these miniatures when I was 15 or 16 years old. Some of the colours used are a bit suspect, so I intend to strip back these models back and repaint them.
100 Years War miniatures unpacked
The question will be what rules to use. I'm very tempted to go for the Loin Rampant Rules as I read many complementary reviews. Ideally I like to have a grid-based game, which will mean modifying any rule set I get. 

Having pulled out all the models to sort and count them, I thought why not have a battle?
A quick grid based Medieval Game
 I used a grid for the game and some rules based on One-Hour Wargames, so the game played quickly. I will have to at some point decide upon a set of rules for the basing of the troops. There is no hurray yet as I'm still finishing off my WW2 units, and have a few more weeks before finishing is my guess.

Game in progress.


  1. Go for it, Lion Rampant and a grid. I'm planning on using hexes, as I usually aim to do!



  2. I think I will, the eBook is only the price of a three large coffees. Good luck with your use of hexes for the ruleset.
    Regards, Peter