Monday, 4 January 2016

AWI One Hour Wargaming - A replay

As I had some free time I took the opportunity to replay the previous AWI game I had played. This time around I wanted to see how the battle would go with a more concentrated America line and ensuring there were some reserves available to bolster the defensive line. I kept the British lines and attack plan pretty much the same.
American Defence Lines
The objective of the game was to hold on to both the town and high ground. In the prior game I'd insufficient reserves and my defensive line was too long, resulting in an American defeat.
A view of the British advance (with smoke effects)
The British advanced as before with their artillery in support.  In this game the British artillery had their eye in and getting hits, particularly on the town defenders.
The British assault in full swing
With a more concentrated defensive line the British cavalry took the opportunity to swing around the town flank drawing away some of the reserves. While in the centre casualties on both sides were starting to mount.
The battle in full swing and British cavalry treating the town flank
The British artillery proved to be very successful in supporting the assault which finally took the town. While on the flanks the British cavalry treat was countered and on the opposite flank frontiersman start to worry the British flank.
Both British and American lines are staring to falter
The British eliminate town defensives and occupy the town. The assault on the high ground fails and the British left flank is under treat.
Almost the end of the battle
The game ended with the British occupying the town and the American holding the high ground. I gave the British a marginal victory on this occasion (thanks to their accurate artillery which tipped the balance). They took the town and had 7 units to the American 5 units. Having a second defence line made a big difference allowing the Americans to counter the British Cavalry treat and bolster the first line when units were eliminated.


  1. I am enjoying your AWI wargames with the Peter Laing figures. I stopped using felt strips for my game. I might have to rethink my decision.

    1. Hi, I have a Citadel Battlemat and I find the felt adheres quite nicely to it and does not move around. I do the same for rivers, although I'm soon to try some murky blue vinyl I found in my wife's stash of material. I'm yet to get some sandy coloured felt which would look better for tracks. Regards, Peter