Monday, 18 January 2016

More grid-based SciFi Wargame

After another test game with my house SciFi (grid-based) rules which are based on the one-hour war-game format. I feel confident enough that most of the rough edges have now been knocked off, and they are ready to be used in a mini campaign. Final modifications included: clarifying the terrain  effects on movement and attacks, and adjusting a few of the abilities. The rules still fit on one page, but are getting very close to spilling over to a second page. I'm already using an 8pt font size, so my options to add to them is very limited if I want to keep them to one page.

Yesterday's test game used Scenario 30 - Last Stand - from One Hour Wargames by Neil Thomas. I had to adjust the map to fit on a 6' x 4' table marked into a 12" grid. Other changes where to the special rules: rather than having the attacking force with unlimited numbers they had double the defending units numbers, and the defenders were treated as veterans and allowed to re-roll a dice throw for an unsatisfactory attack outcome.
Start of the game with Tyranid forces entering opposite gaps in the lava flow
The game helped confirm the terrain rules and during the game some of the abilities got refined. The one ability still in question for me is the Berserk (feeding frenzy) ability for the Tyranids where a 6 attack roll counts as two hits. I may allow them to re-roll like a veteran ability instead when assaulting.

The Tyranid left flank quickly advance to the waiting Space Marines
The right flank advance was immediately embroiled in a fire-fight and charged ahead
The Chaplin character threw three 6's to slay a rampaging Carnifex
After dispatching the first wave of attacks the defenders are beset by deep-striking Gargoyles and the second wave. However support is in hand with the commander moving to provide support
The first line of defences are overrun by the Tyranid left flank. Opening the way to the redoubt.
A surprise attack by Genestealers and some high scoring dice rolls destroys the redoubt. They then moved on to the remaining defenders (yum).
A Dreadnought makes a final last stand only to succumb to the few remaining Tyranid units
This turned out to be quite a fun game which could have gone either way. I'm now ready to take my notes (or scribbles) for a mini-campaign put them in some semblance of order and write up the rules and objectives.

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