Sunday, 24 July 2016

A blast with HYW

This weekend I completed cleaning up my Hundred Year War Minifig 25mm miniatures. I have been slowing cleaning off the paint on these armies over the last few weekends. It's a laborious job once the miniatures come out of the paint stripper. I found while most of the paint came off, but the remaining paint needed a quick scrub to clean them up. All very time consuming and messy.

Water Blaster - Added to the modelling toolbox
With another weekend of cleaning ahead an alternative approach was required. The new approach involved the use of a high pressure hose, and it worked a treat (hence the post title). The clean up was done in a third of the time including tidy up time afterwards.

Water blaster in action
I have some ECW miniatures to clean up in the future which will be made much easier with this approach: into paint stripper for 1 week and then water blasting 30 minutes.

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