Sunday, 10 July 2016

A mixed bag and some old Minifigs 25mm HYW Medievals

A mixed bag of topics in this week's post with W40K, Medieval's and Swatters game. As I am slowly getting through building and painting my remaining Chaos Marine Warhammer 40K models I have stashed away. I thought I had better start preparing my next project, cleaning up my old 25mm Minifig Hundred Years War miniatures for painting.

One Heldrake all painted up to add to my slowly growing Chaos force
I did consider leaving them as there were, painted by me as a 15 year old, but I need to put them on big bases and quite a few of them were painted with some interesting colour combinations. Probably colours I already available in my paint collection. So putting sentiment aside into a container of paint-stripper went the men-at-arms, to come out the next day looking mostly cleaned up after a good soak, wash and rub with an old tooth brush.

Minifies 25mm HYW all cleaned up.
I intend to use Lion Rampant rules with these miniatures once completed. Rather than have single based miniatures they we be based in groups of 6 foot and 3 mounted, and I'll tracking casualties with dice.

My one question is how to paint these? I am leaning towards an old school shinny look as most of the miniatures in a unit will have the same stance.

A Swatters game underway with W40K models
I did manage to get a game in this weekend using the Swatters Rules (Ganesha Games) with some modified combat rules. I am really enjoying the games I have played and I will try and post the most recent house rule modifications over the next week.

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