Sunday, 31 July 2016

A mixed bag

Hundred Years War

Last week I sorted through my cleaned up Hundred Years War Minifigs 25mm miniatures to see what sort of armies I could muster. I will be basing my units on 4" by 3" bases with 10-12 foot figures and 5-6 mounted figure. The unit numbers will be determined by fit and availability. I currently have a preference for mounting my miniatures on 4" by 3" bases so they fit nicely into a 6" square grid and allow enough room to place terrain pieces and speeds up the game. In all I should get 3 long bow units, 4 crossbow units, 8 men at arm units, 4 levy/pike units and 8 mounted knight units.

Testing the base size.

I am hoping to use Lion Rampant rules for small engagements and One Hour Wargaming rules for larger battles. In both cases I will track casualties using a couple of dice and leaving space on the base to move the dice with the unit.

Swatters / SciFi

During the week I was able to get in a couple of games using Swatters ruleset with modifications to both combat and shooting rules. The modifications seem to be working for me now, by which I mean, I am enjoying the flow of the games and not tweaking the rules on a constant basis. I am now considering starting a short campaign to give the games more purpose and a narrative now the rule changes have settled down.

Space Marines vs. Necrons

WW2 Rules

After playing a few WW2 campaign games the previous week I have decided to make a rule change to how artillery and mortar shooting occurs. Previously the grid-based rules stated that only one square could be attacked by one mortar or artillery unit. The idea behind this restriction was to avoid undisrupted units being eliminated by barrages alone. I still want to keep the approach of not eliminating units with a barrage, but want the option of allowing barrages to overlap on a target to increase the likelihood of disrupting a unit. The new rule allows multiple barrage attacks on the same square, but only barrage hit will apply to the unit.


  1. Those medieval bases are going to look good. I have the Lion Rampant rules and would do as you are doing, as I am not keen on all of the handling of single figures.

    I have just put Gauls on an 8 cm frontage, but I am toying with 10 cm (matching your 4" bases), though I would need to do a new mat with larger shares / hexes.

    The sword and spear rules differentiate large and standard units by depth of base, so my Gallic warband are on 8cm wide by 6 cm deep, while the Romans will go on a shallower 4 cm deep (in two ranks) base, That seems a very functional way of showing unit size without going wider and taking up precious room on small tables.

    1. I tried a few size combinations. 4 inches was the minimum width and a 3 inch depth allowed for placing the dice on the stand. I am also short of a figure or two for some units and using bases allows me to ignore this.