Sunday, 21 August 2016

A Sea Change

For a bit of a change this weekend I thought a quick 1930-1940 era sea battle might be fun. I had happened across my scratch build fleets while search for something else and it seemed like a good excuse. The ships are all made from balsa wood and nails and have been unused for a few years.

Scratch build fleet of no particular nation

I used some straight forward (and free) WW2 naval rules from Panzer8. The rules are a little bit abstract and have ships moving between range bands, so space is not an issue. The pictures are of a game on a 6x4 foot table. They are a set of rules which lend themselves to a series of campaign games. Not that I am planning a sea campaign (yet).

The range bands are marked with string in this game. I will dye the string blue for future use.
The lead ship is taking a couple of turret and one hull hit 
On the subject of campaigns, I am getting back to my WW2 campaign game this coming week. My last post mentioned about a very one sided affair, and that the WW2 campaign rules do not cater well for this situation as the winner is decided by objectives only and not other factors (e.g. time). In a sense that there is little for the defenders to aim for tactically other than putting up a good fight. On the post I had some comments with really interesting suggestions on how to tackle this situation. I will most likely employ these ideas on the fly should the same situation occur, and add them to future campaign rules. Thank you to those contributors - much appreciated!


  1. Interesting looking Naval Battle sets of balsa and nails- they look very good and fun to build- the game looks like fun, and a change from the Figure gaming. Regards. KEV.
    p.s. With regards to WW2 and alternate Victory Conditions...could it not be a function of Army Points - still on the Table...or...the % of the Battle Zone (Table) controlled?....lots of options Peter.

    1. Thanks KEV. From memory the ships quite fun and quick to make. I had only planned to make a couple and just kept going until all the balsa was used up. As you say there are quite a few options for victory conditions and how they can get carried through to the campaign, rather than a straight forward victory or loss. Regards, Peter