Wednesday, 24 August 2016

Three games in three days

Over the last three evenings I have been able to play a WW2 campaign game. Most games take 15 minutes to set up and about 45 minutes to an hour to complete. I play my games briskly. Quickly completing the movement of units and speedily rolling combat dice. This does mean sometime s orders do get through to a unit - when in my haste I overlook a moving them. I generally don't forget to engage units in combat.

All three battles were limited attacks, two of them were tied with equal terrain objective points at the end of the day (game end). Going to the "golden point" rule where the forces carry on using the night fight rule until one side at the end of a turn has captured more terrain objective points.

Game 1 - Commonwealth forces launched a limited Attack to push back recent German gains.

End of game 1 as Commonwealth forces take the woods and achieve victory with the "golden point" rule.
Game 2 - German forces counterattack.

Game 2 had a second close finish and the "golden point" rule applied again with victory going to the attacking German forces.
Game 3 - Commonwealth launches another attack

Mid game 3 as Commonwealth forces attempt to break through German defences and secure the buildings. The were to run out of time.
After these games the campaign is poised for a close finish.  Commonwealth forces occupy 10 of the 25 campaign zones and German forces are grimly handing on to the remaining 15 zones after a series of successful counter attacks.

The telling point is the remaining supplies. Commonwealth forces have sufficient supplies to under take 6 more limited attacks or 3 full scale attacks, while German supplies restrict them to 2 more counterattacks.

Limited attacks achieve a win on 2 out of ever 3 occasions, while full scale attacks have always been successful. Doing the maths suggests using limited attacks Commonwealth can count on adding 4 zones to achieve the 14 zones. 13 zones are required to win the game. However, with two counterattacks the Germans could hold out, but would most likely have to win both limited attack games to achieve a campaign win.


  1. Interesting how you have worked out the Victory Conditions towards a conclusion to the series of Campaign Scenarios- the Supply seems to be a key towards obtaining a final result. Pleased your enjoying your Battles Peter- it's been most interesting. Regards. KEV.

    1. The supply approach has worked out surprisingly well. I will be using still approach again in future campaigns. Regards, Peter

  2. That has worked out great, Peter. It should make for some fairly tense games to close out the campaign. That's ideal.

    And I noticed from your last post that even your naval action was grid-based. :)

    1. I am looking forward to the next few games, but will have a few SciFi games first to mix it up. Regards, Peter