Sunday, 14 August 2016

WW2 Campaign

Yesterday I played through another WW2 campaign game with Commonwealth forces making a limited attack on German positions. The arrival rate of reserves was problematic for both sides making for a tense game.

Opening moves of the game (the only picture I took)
It looked like the game was going with the Commonwealth forces until in the last few turns German reserves arrived to hold their advance. At game's end and after terrain points were counted, I found the points were equal. A draw! This presented a problem for my campaign as the zone could not be occupied by the winner. My choices (well the one's I thought of at the time) were:

1) A draw goes to the defender.
2) Overtime - carry on playing for a set number of turns then see if the points are still drawn.
3) Golden point - keep playing unit one side gains the next terrain feature (points).

I thought option 1 to be unsatisfactory. So the question was option 2 or 3? I went with option 3 (golden point) with the game being played using dusk and night rules.

With the new campaign rule, the game went for another three turns until Commonwealth infantry reserves finally moved up and were able to occupy the buildings. These buildings had been contested for most of the game.


  1. Well resolved decision with drawn scenarios. Do like the composition of your Commonwealth Forces- I've got a liking for Shermans!. My 1/72nd WW2 Project is on hold for the moment- have collected all the necessary boxes of goodies- will make a start on it when my Colonial Abyssinian-Italian Project is at a good stage of completion. Regards. KEV.

  2. Thanks KEV. The approach worked for this game with lots of terrain features, but could be more problematic in other scenarios or period. I look forward to seeing posts on your WW2 project once its restarted. I find keeping two projects going at once a struggle too. Regards, Peter

  3. Hi Peter,
    That worked well. Looks like everything is proceeding apace and the good guys are on track. Have you been keeping any kind of journal for your campaign?

    1. Hi John,
      I have not been keeping a journal and as I move closer to the end of the campaign I wish I had. I will probably post a narrative of sorts once the campaign finishes based upon previous blog posts and pencil marks on my campaign map. Not keeping even the simplest of journals was an oversight for a campaign of this duration.
      Regards, Peter