Sunday, 18 September 2016

More WW2 Campaign Games

This weekend I was able to fit in two WW2 games to continue my campaign. Both games had the Commonwealth forces making limited attacks.

Game one saw Commonwealth forces launching an attack on a built up area. In the opening moves they quickly secured the first set of buildings and pushed in to the surrounding woods on the flank. Alerted to the attack, German reserves quickly arrived and the armoured advance stalled.

At the end of the game Commonwealth forces were able to hold on to their gains in the face of determined German counterattacks as secure a narrow victory.

Commonwealth tanks and armour infantry rapidly advance
German reserves arrive to stem the allies advance
A counterattack attempts to dislodge the attacking forces
Commonwealth forces successfully hold off German attacks as night falls
Game two, had Commonwealth forces attacking again, but this time in terrain which was more open. The opening moves were very successful for the Commonwealth with their air support eliminating a Jagdpanther while infantry advanced into the woods towards the waiting German pillbox and minefields. Other than a swift armoured advance to take the hill it was hard going making any advance along the road and against the German defence line, as defending units were steady fed into  he line to bolster the defence. By games end the attackers had failed to hold all their gains as a final push by German defenders denied the Commonwealth forces a victory on the last turn.

The reserves for both sides lined up waiting to join the game
Air support eliminates a Jadgpanther at the start of the game
Heavy fighting as German defenders protect their left flank
Commonwealth tank units secure the hill
In both games I used air support. In game one it caused no damage other then keeping German units within 2 squares of their AA unit, and in the second after a stunning start it failed to follow up on the success. The rules below are not set and an area of the rules I have changed a number of times this year.

Aircraft Sorties
  • Sorties occur during the Artillery & Mortar phase.
  • Aircraft sorties can only attack unit’s that are not purely infantry, so tanks, guns & any motorised infantry may be attacked.
  • Identify the unit to be attacked anywhere on the table & roll 1D6. A score of 5+ and the unit is eliminated. 
  • If there are enemy AA guns within 2 squares of any unit being attacked, then on a score of 5+ a unit is only disrupted and not eliminated, unless it is already disrupted. 
  • AA guns may not be attacked by aircraft.
  • When attacking if a 1 or 2 is rolled the aircraft is disrupted. Disrupted aircraft cannot reorganise, but may continue to make sorties until eliminated with a second disruption.


  1. Hi Peter: Two Victories to the Commonwealth - well done! Interesting to see your Air-support Rules...all in keeping with the IHW Rules. I like Home-Grown Rules. Regards. KEV.

  2. Hi KEV, I do enjoy adding to the one-hour wargames rules. Since getting Neil Thomas's book, and reading blogs of other's addition to these rules, has inspired me to get back into historical wargaming. Regards, Peter