Sunday, 25 September 2016

SciFi Tumbleweed

This weekend I went shopping with the wife to a craft and material shop. I often tag along as I often find I can pickup one or two modelling items. This week they had plastic and material flowers on sale. In the past I have used these as vegetation for my science fiction terrain, so it is always worth while having a look for something new. This week I found a fake plant I can use as an alien tumbleweed. All that was required was to pull off the fake seedpods.
Fake Seedpods as purchased
Once removed from their stems the seedpods become alien tumbleweed
The alien tumbleweed also sticks nicely together in clumps if required
I also picked up some cheap skulls from the halloween section which I will use in some 40K Chaos terrain feature.
Not the best picture of the potential use of skulls
The reason for all this SciFi stuff is I have been playing around with Tank on Tank rules (available for download here from Lock 'n Load Publishing). I like activation approach used in these rules and so have been trialling this approach to activation with my W40K miniatures using a different combat mechanisms. So far they seem to be working out ok. I am still writing up my notes and will post the 1 or 2 page rules later this week, assuming they continue to work out with some more play testing.

I am also very tempted to collect some western desert WW2 figures and tanks to use these rules on the table top. The rules use between 8 to 12 units so with a bit of unit variety this could work out to about 20 units per army to collect. Hmmm. Christmas ideas perhaps?


  1. Peter,

    You have a lot going on there- from 40K, WH Fantasy, WW2...I'm battling with just one Project in 54mm...hats of to you for keeping is all like the Florist 'Tumbleweed' Regards. KEV.

  2. I generally have just one painting project. That being HYW medievals at present. I do on occasion fit in another model such as the Wespe recently to break it up. With Terrain I am always on the lookout and most often my purchases go into my terrain box for another day. The tumbleweed was instantly usable and a bargain at $4 from Spotlight. Next week I will be rotating back to WW2 gaming. Regards, Peter

  3. The Tank on Tank activation system is an extremely simplified version of that used in Blucher. Both give you a store of points to spend, but you don't know how many you have. It works very well.

    1. It's a odd armour game, though; everything seems to fire with the same 'strength', with only the target's armour value being a variable. I know its supposed to be light and fluffy, but ...

    2. I have not had an opportunity to play Blucher yet. I am enjoying the uncertainty of action points in the games. The shooting without strength would be an area I could not resist modifying with a OHW style plus 1 for artillery on infantry, or AT on tank, etc. I am going to try the rules with my WW2 when I finish the current campaign.