Saturday, 10 September 2016

Remaking some hills

This week I have spent mostly reading 'Rally Once Again' and continuing to mess around modifying some house ACW grid-based rules which use One-Hour Wargaming mechanisms with one or two additions. They are pretty close to being in reasonable order and I may write them up in my next post.

A game in progress testing out the ACW rules
Meanwhile on the modelling side I have been tidying up hills I had previously made with "Multi Use Foam Board" from the local hardware store. The reason for the tidy up was two fold:

  1. They didn't really blend in well with the Citadel green cloth I use
  2. The flocking I had used on them kept getting snagged on my clothing resulting in models flying in different directions.

Here are the steps for the new non-snagging hills.

Step 1 - With the remaining foam board I cut out and sanded rounded edges on a couple of hills. Then painted the edges a mid-green and with a watered down overcoating of brown.

Step 1

Once the paint was dry I stuck on some scenery mat just on the flat top of the hills. The mat is made by Heki (Nr.30931) and it matches the citadel cloth mat. Again the ever useful PVC glue was used.

Step 2

I left the hills over night for the PVC to dry and in the morning used scissors cut the scenery mat to tidy it up. Then brushed over the sides with PVC glee and sprinkled on fine grade flight green lock.

Step 4

A better shot of the hill in use.


  1. Your Hills turned out well. Notice you have ACW Artillery- the troops are looking good. I'm presently waiting on an order of 15mm Medieval from the UK - it is a real pain- this waiting. Regards. KEV.

  2. Before using the above steps, I did have a failure with one of the hills when I tried to cover the whole thing with scenery mat. As for the ACW forces I am well set up with artillery and infantry and a tad short on cavalry, but do have some unpainted cavalry to make up the numbers. Regards, Peter

  3. That is a great improvement Peter. Well done.

    You assigned 1 victory point to hills in your Normandy campaign battles, but I don't think I have ever seen a hill in any of your battle pics. Do you ever use them for WWII?


    1. You are correct about not using hills in the campaign to date. I will be hopefully using these reworked hills in the coming week when I get back to the campaign. I will try introducing them for open campaign squares.