Tuesday, 13 September 2016

ACW Rules

This week I have continued testing and modifying my house ACW rules inspired by One-Hour Wargaming rules. These rules can be found on the page tab above. They include:

  • The use of commanders to issue orders and increase infantry shooting capabilities with a risk of getting killed.
  • Cover halves shooting ranges rather than adjusting to hit chances.
  • Dicing for commanders to issue orders.

As with many of my attempts at house rules these are grid-based rules which use a 6" square grid.

My gaming table is 6' by 4' so I have a playing area of 12 squares by 8 squares. This is fairly close to Battlecry's gaming board 13 hex by 9 hex and most interestingly the large range of scenarios/maps freely available here.

So I am now going to slowly work my way through these ready made scenarios having started with Second Bull Run, Virginia Brawner's Farm, August 28th 1862.

Second Bull Run scenario converted to a square grid
I started with a quick drawing of the Battlecry map converted to squares to assist with setting up the game table and placement of units. Fortunately I had just enough figures to field the required number of units. The game played quickly over about an hour.

Opening moves
Confederate start to get the upper hand with support from their artillery positioned on the hill
The final moves as Union forces retire from the field


  1. Splendid - well thought out to fit 'Brawners Farm' Battle onto your Games table in 15mm- looks great! Regards. KEV.

    1. I am sure I will be using more of the Battlecry scenarios and adjusting them to my square based table. If I get a new army I will probably go with 15mm models as they are quick to paint and provide good sized units. Regards, Peter