Sunday, 20 November 2016

AWI Campaign - 12th August 1776

The next battle in my AWI campaign occurs on the 12th August at the previously unknown Lightman's Wood. The British side rolled highest to go to deploy their forces first. The layout of the terrain was to their advantage with a well located hill and buildings on either flank.

The battle game is played on a gridded table. There are small dots for the corners of the squares which don't show up vary well in the pictures.

British deployment
American forces deployed second so would get the advantage of the first move. They split their forces on either side of Lightman's wood positioned in the centre of the tabletop.

American forces line up
Turns 1 and 2
The American forces got the jump on the advancing Hessian's on the British right flank with their skirmishers rapidly advancing and occupying the farm buildings. The British had placed all their light infantry on the other flank and the single square movement of the Hessian line infantry were outpaced by the two square movement of the skirmishing frontiersmen.

Americans occupy the farm buildings
Turns 3 and 4
On the British right flank the buildings were occupied and their light infantry pushed up to block the American skirmishers. While on the other flank with their forces were able to inflict a number of hits on the American forces, which had pushed up along supported by their second line with the exception of the cavalry who remained in reserve.

British right flank where Americans occupy the hill
British assault the farm buildings and engage advancing American forces
At this stage both side's commanders have 6 resolve points after gaining points for occupying a hill  and a building square apiece.

Turns 5 and 6
The Hessian forces finally took the farm buildings (not without taking substantial casualties) and their line continued to deliver some punishing volleys into the American units.

American units were lost on both turns the commander's resolve dropped from 6 to 4 and the British increased to 7 for occupying the farm buildings.

While holding the line the American commander moved the cavalry held in reserve around the left flank to place pressure on the weaker British forces there.

British take farm buildings
American cavalry move up
Turns 7 and 8
As the American cavalry move around to create a treat for the British line. Their light infantry moved to delay the treat. While the American line was starting to buckle with another two units lost to the combined British volleys and artillery. Although the British line was also suffering losses.

British light infantry move to help counter the American cavalry treat

The American line starts to buckle
Turns 9 and 10
The American cavalry forced to deal with the light infantry were delaying any opportunity to weaken the main British line, which in turn 10 had eliminated another two units and was about the set about the stranded American artillery.

The American line collapses and victory goes to the Britsh
End of Game
With the American commanders resolve at zero and the British resolve at 4. This was a major British victory at the battle of Lightman's wood.

In hindsight if the America forces had put some skirmishers into the centre woods they could have created more trouble for the British line. The split of forces turned out to be to the British advantage and they were able to easily defend their right flank and attack on the left.
Mid game as both lines exchange volleys


  1. Great battle report and pics, Peter.
    Thanks for sharing.


    1. Thanks John - it was a fun game and took 15 minutes setup and 45 minutes to play out. Regards, Peter

  2. Hi Peter, This game looks really good. What rules are you using for it?



    1. Hi Jay - I use my own rules which started out as a variant of one-hour wargaming and have added gradually DBA command and Chipco Age of Gunpowder moral clock mechanisms. With this campaign I am giving the rules a good test over the campaign and will post them as they fit on two pages (one sheet of paper). Regards, Peter

  3. Thanks Peter, I'll look forward to seeing them and giving them a go. I was always a big fan of the Chipco rules, much underrated in my opinion.