Wednesday, 23 November 2016

Hundred Years War Game

While I still have a six units to finish painting of my Hundred Years War armies (two units of mounted knights, a men-at-arms unit, pikeman and two units to represent camps using any remaining figures). I thought a quick game using One-Hour Wargaming (OHW) rules would help encourage me to complete these remaining units before Christmas and the ensuing madness arrives.

Game set up
I chose to play with 9 units aside rather than the normal 6 units suggested with OHW. To compensate the playing area was increased to 4' x 4'. Here are some pictures from the game and for those interested all the figures are Minifigs HYW 25mm.

The English advanced and after a salvo of arrows the French line moved forward
The first line of both sides are soon engaged in a slogging match (melee)
Mid game - a ruthless set of 6's were rolled by the English
The French cavalry are eliminated and units lost in the large melee
The English cavalry exhausted after their fight were quickly eliminated by French reserve cavalry
The French infantry were losing the main fight and after one more turn it was game over.
Leaving some space at the back of the stands for casualty dice worked well, no dice toppled off as they moved with the unit. A fun game as always with OHW rules - as one sweats on the dice rolls hoping to get one more attack out of a unit before it is eliminated.

I plan to have a game using Lion Rampant rules and a gridded tabletop at some point in the future. I will use dice to track hits.


  1. Replies
    1. Thank you - after painting over a good few months now, I have forgotten how long, its most satisfying to get to a game.

  2. Indeed. It would be interesting to play a fixed scenario with what we might describe as more complicated rules and then run the same scenario with OHW rules, and judge result, course of action and sense of satisfaction (such a subjective matter anyway).

    1. I am looking forward to trying Lion Rampant and the comparison of games will be interesting. I suspect as a solo player I will favour Lion Rampant having read the rules and reviews. The game results will be interesting to compare.