Thursday, 17 November 2016

AWI Campaign - in a bit more detail

The AWI campaign is now moving into August and the British forces are making a second push on New Brunswick after suffereing a marginal defeat. From the rules perspective the first dice roll was for the weather. This produced a 6 - Rain!

April - June 1-4 clear, 5-6 rain
July - September 1-5 clear, 6 rain
October - December 1-4 clear 5-6 rain
January - March 1-2 clear, 3-4 rain, 5-6 snow

The impacts of weather are.

Clear - no impact
Rain - Remove one artillery unit and two other units of the players choice from the marching columns.
Snow - battle on 5+

The British Commander observes the gathering American troops

The next dice roll was to determine if there will be a battle in the first half of August. A 5 was rolled and so a battle there will be as a 4+ is required. A quick roll on a D20 provided the date, 12th August 1776.

The next step is to line up the forces into three columns and roll the dice for each column. The lowest scoring column does not make it to the battle. Any ties and the player chooses. The British go first as they are advancing and are followed by the American's.
British have 3 balanced columns. The centre column with the lowest score does not make it to the battle
The Americans take a slight gamble and stack their centre column. With the tied result they are able to choose the centre column.
Then the tabletop terrain was randomly generated and produced an interesting setup with one or two challenges. Whichever side wins the roll to layout their forces first, would get the advantage of quickly securing three terrain objectives (which are always hills and buildings). Taking objectives adds to the Commander's resolve score which during the game is whittled down by 1 each time they lose 1 or more units in a turn. I use this determine the winning side.

Dice generated terrain

The British score highest in the dice roll to pick the tabletop side and get to choose the side and layout their forces. This will possible compensate the advantage the Americans with having cavalry. In the next post I plan to do more of a battle report - I just need to play the game.

British forces march into place


  1. Thanks for the insight into the campaign process.

  2. That is about the sum of my campaign rules, as I am at present using campaigns to support the narrative of a battle. As the campaign progresses I may add a couple of other runs. I did like your previous suggestion on garrison duty removing British units.

  3. Hi Peter,
    Great pics, thanks for the extra detail. You're still using a grid, right? You can't tell from the pics. Beautiful.
    Unfortunately I have to enjoy gaming vicariously for a while.

  4. Hi John,
    Still using a grid. The gaming mat has brown dots to indicate the square corners, which do not show up on pictures. I am on occasion tempted to go with free movement, but the grid is so helpful when it comes to generating the terrain layout with dice.
    Regards, Peter