Saturday, 5 November 2016

Back to HYW painting

After a quick painting diversion last week to finish some late WW2 units I had purchased. I am now back trying to finish off my old Minifig 25mm Hundred Years War figures. There are about eight more units to paint. The final number will depend upon how well I can effect repairs on some of the miniatures. During the week I managed to complete two more cavalry units.

Latest units painted
As I was putting away the recently painted units I took the opportunity to view the collection as it stands - mostly as motivation to myself to complete the few remaining models. It is very tempting to play a game using one-hour wargame rules. Although the next battle game of my AWI campaign beckons, so maybe not.

Units competed so far


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    1. Thanks. I have my final unit of Bowmen on the table to paint, then back to mounted knights. Regards, Peter