Sunday, 4 December 2016

Hundred Years War units finished

I have finally finished painting the last of my medieval units which are all from the Hundred Years War 25mm Minifigs range. All units are on 3" by 2" bases, infantry with 10-12 figures and mounted 4 figures. I have chosen to paint the figures fairly simply and without a specific army in mind to provide a level of flexibility when choosing forces.

All the units together
Using the definitions from Lion Rampant there are in total:

4 Mounted Men at Arms
8 Mounted Sergeants
7 Foot Men at Arms
4 Foot Sergeants
3 Crossbows
4 Longbows

Mounted Men at Arms and Sergeants
Foot Men at Arms and Bowmen

Crossbow men and Foot Sergeants

Additionally, I have two commanders mounted singly which I can attach to a unit when playing Lion Rampant. I will be using dice to track the casualties, and each stand has sufficient space at the back to place two dice which will move with the stand for convienience.

Just in case I am tempted to try out a game of DBA using a gridded tabletop. I am making a couple of tents and use up the last of my leftover models to represent a camp. In terms of rules I expect to play mostly with Lion Rampant and One Hour Wargames medieval rules.

Next project

And that should be the last of my painting for this year. My next project is Saxons, Vikings and Normans using printed 2D figures from the Battle of Britain series by Peter Dennis. I have visited a nearby Officeworks store here in Melbourne and had printed the pictures ready for cutting out an assembly.


  1. Those army stands look nice, looking forward to seeing them in action. I ordered a couple of 12mm Norman Heavy Spear yesterday from Kallistra to get my 1066 armies off to a start.

    1. Thanks - jotting down the Lion Rampant rules which I bought as an eBook. eBooks while being cheaper are not that convenient for playing.
      Good luck with your Kallistra 1066 armies.

  2. Replies
    1. Thank you - I just need to tryout Lion Rampant when I find sometime to have a game.