Tuesday, 13 December 2016

Medieval Accessories

Now that have played a couple of enjoyable Lion Rampant games and added a Keep. I thought I should get creating a few more mundane accessories such as stakes and pavises to add a bit more interest and variety when playing a game.

A game in progress using the recently completed accessories
As with all my terrain they must be easy and cheap to make. The stakes were matchsticks cut in half and stuck into a fast drying filler spread onto a base. Once dry they were painted and flocked. While matchsticks being square may not be totally ideal as stakes (which would generally be roundish) it is not noticeable except upon closer inspection.

Some archer units behind stakes
A closer look - all figures are Minifigs HYW range
The pavises were cut from 1.5mm balsa wood sheet and a triangle of balsa wood added at the back. Then undercoated in dark grey and brushed quickly on the back with a light brown. Once dry the fronts were painted to tie in with the crossbow unit colours.

Pavises with a recently completed tent in the background
Nothing complicated at the back - just a triangle of balsa painted dark grey and highlighted with light brown.

I still plan to add some buildings and a bridge in the coming week, or weeks.


  1. Are these 15mm? They look pretty good!


    1. They are 25mm. I bought them 40 years old and have cleaned and repainted them, as my painting skills as a 16 year old were a bit suspect. Miniature Figures still make them, so I may add a few more to the collection. Regards, Peter