Saturday, 31 December 2016

A return to the AWI campaign

It seems to have been quite a while since I played a game from my solo American War of Independence (AWI) campaign. My last post was back at the end of November. The campaign does not have a set number of battles, but has the possibility of 24 battles dependent upon the weather and ability forces coming into contact (both decided by dice rolls). The winner will be the side with the most victories.

Campaign map tracking the battles. Red crossed swords a British victory and Blue an American victory
A quick recap:
  • British land at New York to make it their base of operation.
  • May 12th - Battle of Flattop Hill - British victory
  • May 24th - Battle of Smith;s Creek - American victory
  • June 16th - Battle of Barwon Hill - British victory
  • West Point is secured by the British
  • July 29th - Battle of Blake's Farm - American victory
  • August 12th - Battle at Lightman's Wood - British victory
  • August 16th - Battle of Reynold's Farm - British victory
  • New Brunswick and surround area in British hands. They now start their move towards Philadelphia.
  • September 28th - Battle of Rosston - American victory
A closer look at the theatre of operations
During the campaign I have been refining my AWI house rules (which are based on One Hour Wargame rules). Over the Christmas period I have been able to gather up my notes and write them up. They can be found on the pages tab at the top.

I now have my board setup ready for the next game and plan to get a game in this weekend.


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    1. Hi Karl, thanks, In hindsight I should have drawn the map larger as the area of operation is quite small and it is getting a bit tight to draw the campaign moves and battles. Regards, Peter