Saturday, 10 December 2016

Medieval Keep

I am planning to expand the terrain available for my Hundred Years War collection. The additions are: a Keep, some houses and a few stakes for archers.

The following pictures show the building of a Keep. It is small enough to fit into a 6 inch square, which I use with my gridded wargaming tabletop, and large enough for one of my large bases to fit into the top.

Using an old spare piece of timber cut in to 5 inch lengths to for a square
Nail the pieces together and add a ramp from some of the off cuts. Use wood fillers to cover nail holes and spread around a bit to create an uneven surface
Create and add a top from some MDF board.
Add strips of MDF board to the top of the keep. Use wood filler to cover nail holes and create uneven surface just like the walls.
Lightly sand, saw some slits on the battlements and seal with acrylic varnish.
I widened the slits with a standby knife then painted with mid-grey
Brush on a lighter grey and paint on details.
Flock the Keep and a unit can be placed on top
My next job is to complete the stakes which can be seen in the above picture.

In the meantime I am continuing to play a game or two using Lion Rampant in a gridded tabletop.

Game in progress


  1. Good job on the tower! I like practical terrain items.

    1. Thank you. Now to figure out how best build a house or two which allows a base of troops to easily occupy a 6 inch square with a house. Regards, Peter

  2. Nicely done. The paint job hits just the right level of detail / ageing.

    1. Thanks - The first attempt did not look quite right and I had to repaint the base grey and start again. Regards, Peter

  3. Great looking keep. I like crafted terrain articles. Keep them coming!