Sunday, 7 May 2017

19th Century Rules Written Up

I continue with painting the final units of my 19th century imagi-nation armies. By the end of this weekend I will have completed a couple of additional artillery units to add to the infantry unit completed during the week. This will leave only two infantry and two cavalry unit to finish.

Painting continues
I was able to salvage to artillery pieces from the various bit I had left over which have not broken over the years (brittle plastic has been an issue with these old miniatures). They are in the photo with a combination of grey, red and brown pieces.

To complete the 19th century project, I have continued to work on some home grown rules very much based and inspired on One-Hour Wargaming and 19th Century Wargaming both by Neil Thomas.

Initially I started with the rules using a 6" gridded tabletop, but have since switched to measuring movement and shooting. I cannot put my finger on why I prefer pushing around these miniatures with a measuring stick rather than using a grid, but I do.

So for those of you who are interested in the rule variations, I have written up the rules on a page link above.


  1. Peter,
    Good to see your steady progress on the Imaginations Project. Brittle Plastic - have only seen this once with old ESCI Plastics- not a lot that you can do about it- good that you salvaged the Guns. Cheers. KEV.

    1. Hi KEV. I am a bit short on artillery pieces so being able to salvage the two from the remains was very pleasing. I am not sure why the plastic goes brittle, but about 25 percent of my collection was effected. Cheers Peter

  2. Continued good progress on your 19th Century project, Peter.
    I read through your rules amalgamation and I like that you reduced the number of hits required to destroy a unit from 15 down to 5,6,7. Makes sense to reduce the casualty rate while reducing a unit's dispersal point. I did not like tracking 15 hits on each unit in OHW.

  3. Thank you. There is light at the end of the tunnel in terms of my goals in terms of unit numbers.
    Like you I prefer not to track 15 hits on a unit. With 6 or so hits, a few matchsticks or single dice on the base is much more convenient when moving units around a table.