Wednesday, 24 May 2017

6x6 Challenge - WW2 Naval Game

Yesterday I started my WW2 naval 6x6 challenge using Panzer8 WW2 naval Rules. Before getting my scratch built ships on to the wargaming table, I first had to kick off with some moves on the campaign map.

Using a suggestion from Norm (Thank you) to help create some fog or war. The first 4 moves were completed in a block of moves by Blue force who are attempting to defend the convoy lanes, while at the same time attempting to destroy Grey's forces. Once Blue's moves were complete, then 4 dice generated moves are made by Grey.

The campaign position after 4 moves
I made sure to record the weather for each campaign turn so I could apply their effects to Grey's block of 4 moves. Each side can move their forces one square (including diagonally).

The first engagement at sea as Grey's ships head for the convoy lanes
The first engagement occurred 7th February 1943 at 15:00 in stormy weather. Grey's force #2 consisting of a cruiser and two destroyers was spotted by both Blue's forces #3 and #4. A total of 5 ships consisting of a battleship, cruiser, destroyer and 2 corvettes.

The tabletop was quickly set up and the ships deployed on it. All movement of Grey's force was to be dice generated, while I was to play as Blue.

Ready for action
The engagement saw both forces begin by closing on each other, pushing the lighter destroyers ahead looking for the opportunity to send some torpedoes off towards enemy ships.

First blood was to go to Blue force at 15:15 with their battleship straddling one of the destroyers and inflicting critical damage from a salvo from their big guns. The destroyer was soon to be sunk from some secondary fire from its supporting cruiser.

A failed torpedo run saw one of Grey's destroyers crippled and sunk
The response from Grey was quick. At 15:30 one on Blue's destroyers was crippled by accurate shooting from Grey's cruiser.
Blue force was soon to suffer some damage from some accurate shooting
At 15:45 Grey's ships turn to disengage and smoke to cover they getaway. However, combined salvos from the battleship and cruiser was to see Grey's second destroyer crippled. Attempted repairs were ineffective and the destroyer was a sitting duck and easily finished off with torpedoes.

Grey's second destroyer is sunk
The engagement ended at 16:00 as the cruiser moved out of range.


  1. Peter,
    A most interesting approach to your Naval Battles- it all works very well- great photos too- the smoke and explosions look the part. Regards. KEV.

  2. KEV, the rules worked well. They were easy to follow and gave a quick and enjoyable first game.
    The smoke and explosions is the material used to stuff soft toys, which is stuck on washers and sprayed with black and red to get the desired look. Regards, Peter

  3. A nice little opening engagement. The narrative gives the impression that the rules ran smoothly. The table looks good, I am used to seeing based ships, but I think your set-up looks better as unbased looks a bit more 'boat-like'.

  4. Thanks. The gaming rules worked well. I will however play around a bit with the non-player opponent rules to factor in reactions to an outnumbered situation.
    The ships are quite robust with no fiddly bits being scratch built, and didn't require a stand to help with handling.