Saturday, 27 May 2017

Next Project

Now I have almost completed my target number of units for the 19th Century Imagi-Nations armies. Two infantry units were completed this week and the final cavalry unit is on the painting table (Lancers one of my favourite miniatures). I am pondering what my next project should be.

The final two infantry units completed
Final cavalry unit on the painting table
One project I do want to start this year is to finally paint my old English Civil War Hinchcliffe miniatures. I started to collect these when I was about 13 years old until I was 15. It is not a huge collection (maybe 250 in all) but they will be a bit of an undertaking to prepare. I need to strip off a layer of two of paint from my previous attempts at painting them.

I have a number of Spencer Smith plastic Seven Years War figures obtained in a swap of figures earlier this year. They also include some Indians and frontiersmen. Just over 200 figures all together.

As I have really enjoyed painting my 19th Century Imagi-Nations Spencer Smith armies. I though this would be a good sized project to paint these up as French-Indian Wars armies. So after Friday night after spreading out all the available miniatures, it looks like I should be able to field per side:
  • 6 line infantry units
  • 1 grenadier units
  • 2-3 frontiersmen units
  • 1-2 indian scout units
  • 2 artillery units
  • 1 howitzer unit
Two tidy armies for some large skirmish style games.

Planning how to organise and base forces
Plastic Indians (Spencer Smith?)


  1. Peter,
    Yes- French Indian Wars certainly sounds an interesting Theater for a NEW Gaming Project- a good choice. Cheers. KEV.

    1. Hi KEV. It should be interesting. Getting these models as part of an exchange has meant they determined the setting. One I only have a scant knowledge of, but should be fun none the less. Peter

  2. Two of the highlights of the hobby: finishing a project and starting a new one!