Monday, 1 May 2017

6x6 Gaming Challenge - Progress in April

As we have reached the end of another month. My progress in the six-by-six wargaming challenge (setup by Kaptain Kobold) slowed to only two games. The aim of the challenge is to play, and record in a post, at least six individual games of each of your chosen six rules or boardgames over 12 months.

6x6 challenge progress to date:
  • One Hour Wargames (Tank-on-Tank) SciFi Variant - 6 games completed in February
  • Dark Ages with Dux Bellorum (Osprey) - 6 games completed in January using paper armies
  • WW2 Naval (Pz8 rules) - not yet started.
  • WW1 OHW - not yet started.
  • Galleys and Galleons (Ganesha Games) - purchased "Wargame the Spanish Armada 1588" by Peter Dennis for the paper models. 2 games played.
  • Hundred Years War using Lion Rampant (Osprey) - 6 games completed as part of a series of campaign games. While the challenge was completed, I continued with the campaign which ended with game 10.
Part of the slowdown in April was due to working through some Sci-Fi rules and the resulting test games. These rules are now written up and just need some example photos added before being posted.
Sci-Fi Game in progress
A second distraction was the on-going painting of my 19th Century armies. Two-thirds of the units are painted, enough to start with some gaming.

Imagi-Nations game in progress


  1. Do't tell anyone else, but you are currently in the lead, having completed over half of your games :)

    1. Lol. The 6x6 challenge is a fabulous idea - thank you.

  2. Peter, you have made great progress in your 6x6 challenge! Painting and rule development does eat into gaming time. All valid distractions. I bet you make it.

    1. I hope to tackle some WW1 games next, but first need to think up a campaign scenario for them.