Sunday, 23 September 2018

ECW Campaign - Game 2 at tale of two bridges

The English Civil War campaign continues with game 2. After the loss of the Yorkshire region, Parliament has made a move to secure East Anglia which is close to their power base of London and the Thames Valley region. A small Royalist force has taken up position north of the river Thet waiting for the advancing Parliamentarian force.

Campaign map showing the battle in East Anglia

Order of battle (OB)

Parliamentarian units
5 x Foot (mixed pike and musket)
5 x Horse (Trotters)
2 x Dragoon
1 x Commanded Shot
2 x Artillery

Royalist units
4 x Foot (mixed pike and musket)
5 x Horse (Gallopers)
1 x Commended Shot
1 x Dragoon

Parliamentarian forces had recruited well in East Anglia and had 15 units vs. Royalist 11 units. This can be read as their dice rolling for determining their OB had been so lucky, every roll a 3 on a D3. They did not even need to use their re-roll option for controlling the nearby region of Themes Valley.

Parliamentarian forces arrive
The Royalist commander had split his force to defend the bridges, the only river crossing points. The bulk of the cavalry were positioned to cover the eastern bridge. Parliamentarian forces arrived at midday and quickly advanced on both bridges. The larger of the two groups headed for the closer east bridge.

Royalist defensive positions
At the bridge west of Thetford a combined attack from trotters, dragoons, foot and artillery had the defending Royalist forces under pressure. Progress was slower at the other bridge. Where any unit crossing the bridge were faced with cavalry charges from the Royalist gallopers.

By mid-afternoon Royalist forces defending the western bridge requested assistance and the Royalist cavalry reserve were ordered across to provide support. The contest for the eastern bridge was not going well for Parliamentarian forces with their artillery support proving totally ineffective. It was a different story at the western bridge where most Royalist units were routed and the bridge was defended tenuously by a unit of commanded shot. A unit of Parliament foot successfully crossed the bridge and were able to see off a charge by the reserve cavalry.

The assault on the eastern bridge was becoming quite a struggle with losses on both sides rising. When news of the other bridge being lost arrived late in the afternoon, the Royalist commander ceded the battlefield to the Parliament forces.

A Parliamentarian victory, honours are even in the campaign.

Flow of the game
A few photos of the game...

Assault on the eastern bridge
Assault on the western bridge
Royalist cavalry charge all who cross the bridge
The commanded shot defend from the woods while cavalry reserves arrive
The heavily contested eastern bridge
The western bridge is crossed and the cavalry change failed to dislodge the foot unit.
Final stand off at the eastern bridge


  1. A wonderful looking game Peter and a great campaign underway.

    1. Thank you. It will be interesting to see how the games progress. The rules seem pretty set now, so I should write up my notes and post them.

  2. Great looking game -table is well done. I love you maps!

    1. Thank you. The maps started because my phone was a bit flat and I did not have many photos for a post.

  3. I am in complete envy of your skill with pens and paper. Your maps keep getting better and better. Great looking game. Being outnumbered, could the Royalists have expected to win this fight?

    1. I am quite enjoying drawing the maps and they sum up the games quite effectively. I expect most regions next to go with the side with the most controlled areas. As we progress with 1642 selecting the region to control will need consideration.