Wednesday, 5 December 2018

Starting WW2 Western Desert Project

I have been able to paint a few test units for my WW2 Western Desert project. The Bases are 2x2 inches. They are photographed on a canvas drop sheet bought cheaply at the local hardware store. The plan is to use a combination of sponging and stippling to get similar colour tones to the bases.

Since completing these tanks a few more 1/300 Heroics and Ros models have left the painting table. I am hoping this will keep me going during the Christmas and New Year holidays.


  1. I like these! A Western Desert project has been an interest of mine so I am very interested in following your project.

  2. Thank you. It will be one of my quicker projects as the painting involves no detailed work. Just washes and dry brushing for the most part.

  3. Looking good! How do you like the tank on tank rules?

    1. Thanks. I have played a few smaller games with my 20mm models on a square grid and really liked the rules. I find the rules a pleasure to read (clear and concise).

  4. Outside my area of interest, but looks good regardless!