Thursday, 7 February 2019

ECW Campaign - 1644 begins

In October 1643 Royalist forces were able to grab a surprise victory and secure the West Midlands region. With only one month left of the campaign year, November, neither side was able to recruit sufficient forces to mount an attack before the campaign year ends in December. So 1644 begins with both sides controlling the same number of regions as they began with, Royalists 8 and Parliament 5.

As the Royalists control the most regions they are able to make the first move and planned to march on the South Coast. A roll of a D3 dice determined the first battle to be fought would be in March 1644.

The draw of campaign cards revealed advantages for the Royalists with a well supplied marching army. While Parliament forces are struggling with sickness.

Campaign cards drawn before each game
The recruitment dice determined the following orders or battle:

Royalist Forces

  • 5 x Infantry
  • 4 x Cavalry
  • 1 x Dragoons/Commanded Shot
  • 1 x Elite Pike
  • 1 x Artillery
Parliament Forces
  • 5 x Infantry
  • 4 x Cavalry (originally 5 but one lost due to sickness)
  • 3 x Dragoons/Commanded Shot
  • 1 x Artillery

So all is set for this weekend's ECW game. Hopefully I will not be too distracted by the recent arrival in the post of some more paper soldiers.

Recent arrivals
My next project is the War of the Spanish Succession using Twilight of the Sun-King Rules and paper armies by Peter Dennis. The Jacobite rebellion and buildings were impulse buys.


  1. That's the older edition of Twilight of The Sun King by the looks of it.

    1. Yes, it is an older edition. The books were all second hand.

  2. The set of buildings looks intriguing!
    The "advantages" in this battle would seem to be the reverse of the last one?!

  3. There are a nice range of buildings. I will be building a windmill first as I think they make great tabletop features. As for the game, I suspect it will be another close one.