Thursday, 21 February 2019

ECW Campaign moves and more paper soldiers

The English Civil War campaign moves into April 1644 with Parliament's army marching on the West Midland region hoping to get revenge for the loss of the South Coast region in March 1644.

Campaign Map
Parliament forces will benefit from an additional infantry unit in all remaining 1644 battles funded from Excise taxes. Royalist forces did not benefit from the campaign chance card draw after they drew a card specifically for Parliament forces so their chance is neutral.

Campaign chance cards
Both sides rolled for their order of battle with Parliament able to add an infantry unit.

Parliament Force

  • 5 Infantry units
  • 5 Cavalry units
  • 2 Dragoon units
  • 1 Commanded Shot unit
  • 1 Lobster unit
  • 1 Artillery
Royalist Force
  • 3 Infantry units
  • 4 Cavalry units
  • 2 Dragoon units
  • 1 Commanded Shot unit
  • 1 Elite Pike unit
  • 1 Artillery

Terrain cards decide the tabletop layout. The smaller Royalist force will be able to choose the side they wish to defend against a strong Parliament force.

Terrain cards drawn
Finally, off the cutting table (rather than painting table) comes another unit of Jacobites.

Latest paper soldier Jacobite unit


  1. Catching up - the Royalists would seem to be at a substantial disadvantage this time, but victory in this campaign has certainly not gone to the bigger force with any consistency!

    The paper soldiers look very nice!

    1. Parliament certainly went in with the advantage. The paper soldiers are coming along nicely. In a month or so I have to have both armies done.