Sunday, 10 March 2019

ECW Campaign moves

Having spent most of my free last week painting my WW2 Western Desert 6mm units and testing some WW2 rules. It was time for a change and have an English Civil War game. The last campaign game saw Parliament forces successfully march on the West Midlands and defeat a Royalist force in April 1644. In an attempt to recover from this setback, Royalist forces muster an army from their northern controlled regions and march upon the East Midlands.

Royalist forces in the North march on the East Midlands
Campaign cards were drawn for this battle. The cards were both themed for a particular side, and unfortunately were picked up by the wrong side. So neither side benefited. However, Parliamentarian armies are well positioned in 1644 and their armies will receive an additional infantry unit thanks to drawing an Excise Taxes card in the last game.

Both sides got the wrong themed card and as a consequence receive no special benefits from the campaign cards for this battle.
The armies meet in July 1644 and clash at the small town of Pondersbridge. I look at a digital image of an old 18th century map to come up with the names used in this campaign. Terrain cards are drawn to determine the tabletop setup.

Terrain cards drawn for this game
The resulting tabletop
The order of battle will be:


  • 6 x Infantry
  • 4 x Cavalry
  • 2 x Dragoons
  • 1 x Commanded Shot
  • 2 x Artillery


  • 5 x Infantry (one of Elite pike)
  • 5 x Cavalry
  • 1 x Dragoons
  • 1 x Artillery

Finally, a quick photo of progress with my 6mm WW2 forces. They are mainly Italian units, plus a few British and German units as additions.


  1. Excellent progress on your WWII project! The Roundheads may have an advantage in the upcoming battle from looking at the OB.

    1. Very pleased to get some solid progress with the WW2 Western Desert units. Parliament seems to be well positioned for the up coming game.

  2. I do like your themed ECW cards. The 6mm stuff is looking good and seems to have been a pretty quick building project ..... well from my seat at least, as I am not the one doing the work :-)

  3. Thanks. The 6mm units are quite easily painted for the tabletop. My eyes are getting older.

  4. Great progress on the project, and we shall see to whom the advantages matter in the next battle!

    1. Thank you. I am looking forward to playing the game.