Saturday, 18 May 2019

A bit of everything this weekend

So far this weekend is turning out to be a bit of everything when it comes to model making and wargaming. First, I managed to finish off the English Civil War game which will be written up later this weekend.
ECW game in progress more to follow in the next post.
Second, I finished off the latest unit of paper soldiers for the Jacobite Rebellion armies. I have lost count of how many units I have cutout and made, so I will be getting all their units out of their shoe box homes and lined up on the tabletop.

More paper soldiers
Third, having recently reacquainted myself with my 19th Century image-nations armies for a game. One thing I did not like was how the mix of flags worked and I repainted all the flags using surplus transfers from my space marine kits for some of the details.

Repainted flags for 19th century image-nation forces
Fourth, creating reeds or jungle grasses from some fake grass I picked up at an art shop a month or so ago around Easter time. I am not sure what the actual purpose of this fake grass is, but as soon as I saw it I though it would be useful on the wargaming table as terrain. The individual tuffs of grass can be easily detached (pulled off) but need a bit of weight to stay put on the tabletop. Weight was added by glueing washers to the base which I had sprayed green.

Recent purchase
A quick trial showed the effectiveness, but the plastic grass needs some weight to make them stay put as reeds beside the river.
Another use is as long jungle grasses for my Crossfire WW2 Burma games.
Washers were sprayed with green paint then glued to the plastic grass tuffs.
River without reeds 
River with reeds added. 
Fifth, I reworked my existing felt cloth I use to represent woods. Spraying the dark green felt with a lighter green and sand to get some colour variation.

Original felt
Sprayed with a lighter green and sand paint
After spraying and with trees
Not a lot of difference, but the look is softened


  1. A bit of everything is just the job to get all the smaller mundane tasks done, but collectively feeling valuable. The edging of the river with reed is a nice enhancement. Also a nice idea to use transfers on the flags. I was thinking about some of the heraldic detail that some great painters manage to get onto their Wars of Roses figures, but on seeing your flags, perhaps transfers could play a part in that.

    1. Good to get these jobs done and tidied up.

  2. You are a busy man this weekend. I have seen plastic reeds like yours in pet stores in the aquarium section.

    1. It always nice to wrap up some of the smaller projects and ideas.

  3. Better colouring on the felt. The reeds look good to.

  4. Nice grass. Why can I never find anything like in my local garden centres, aquaria etc. That grass would also paint up nicely as small explosions, especially something like a phosphorous grenade with blobs one the ends of the grass blades?

    1. I had not though of painting them for explosions. Nice idea. Thanks.