Monday, 6 May 2019

WW2 Western Desert

I had originally intended to write up a game report from a few days ago, but time got away from me and I am now on holiday with my game notes at home. So here are a few photos.

The game played was loosely based upon "a larger action" from the book "An Introduction to Wargaming" by John Sanders. It has two similar sized forces trying to control a ridge between two escarpments. The Germans are already in position and occupying the ridge. While advancing is a British force there to investigate reports of German activity.

I ended up playing the game three times, trying out different approaches for the British forces. The first time the British pushed forward and were easily beaten. In the second play through they waited for their artillery to provide support to their attacks, which successfully defeated the German right. Allowing them to eventually flank and capture the ridge. The third play through ended up a draw.

When I am on holiday while travelling between sights I will often mull rule ideas over in my head. One idea I am thinking of trying is to use a deck of cards rather than dice for the Tank on Tank rules. I have no idea how the game will flow and it may turn out to be not such a good idea. But I have recently really enjoyed some One-Hour Skirmish Wargaming games which use a deck of cards rather than dice to determine outcomes. So I will give cards a try upon my return home.

As for my holiday - I am currently here...


  1. Your desert game is up there amongst the best looking.

    1. Ditto! The mottled mat with the sparse but elegantly-made terrain make for a very pleasing sight.

    2. Many thanks Norm and Jonathan. I am very pleased how the terrain has turned out so far. There are a few more bits of terrain still to do, eg a larger ridge.