Sunday, 1 January 2017

Having a go at the six-by-six wargaming challenge

I have decided to join in the six-by-six wargaming challenge set by Kaptain Kobold. The aim is to play, and record in a post, at least six individual games of each of your chosen six rules or boardgames. All is explained here -

My choice of games are:
  • One Hour Wargames (OHW) SciFi Variant - this will force me to work through the rules in a series of games.
  • Dark Ages with Dux Bellorum (Osprey) - my new project and with the rule book ordered and in the post.
  • WW2 Naval (Pz8 rules) - a good quick game I can use if struggling with the challenge.
  • WW1 OHW - it has been a fair while since I played this period and a good excuse to get the old Peter Laing figures out again.
  • Galleys and Galleons (Ganesha Games) - I purchased these rules a while back and have not got around to making the model ships, which should not take too long to build the 5-6 models required for a game.
  • Hundred Years War using Lion Rampant (Osprey) - Recently completed the painting of these armies.
Meanwhile on the modelling front work is progressing on my paper solder Saxon army.

Saxon Housecarls

I will post more on the paper soldiers next time...


  1. I like paper soldiers. For years I ran a Wooden Ship's and Iron Men campaign with paper 1/1200 scale ships. Great stuff.

  2. This is my first real use of paper soldiers to try out a period of interest, and they seem to be working out and are quick to produce.