Wednesday, 8 February 2017

6x6 Challenge SciFi Game Number 4 of 6

Over the last few days I have been playing a couple of science fiction games using the modified Tank on Tank rules as part of the 6x6 challenge. As an alternative to One Hour Wargames scenarios I used a scenario from Battle Missions (by Games Workshop) which has been sitting in the cupboard for a long time. I selected the Reconnaissance in Force scenario which has defenders in the centre of the board and a Necron incursion force deploying rapidly and attacking.

The Space Marines are holding a defence position with three objectives to hold. A Necron force will arrive on one of the tabletop sides and is decided by a dice roll.

Defence preparations are complete
The first Necrons arrive and size up the situation
A defending Dreadnought is destroyed by the combined firepower of the Necron destroyers and heavy destroyer. More attackers arrive under cover of a rock outcrop

The fort was the next target and after a couple of turns that too was in flames, the defending scouts exiting in a shaken state.
More defenders moved around to provide support
The scouts in the open were swiftly dealt with by the destroyers.
A squad of Terminators charged around the rock outcrop and caught a Necron command unit unprepared and made short work of them. Although they themselves would not survive another turn.

The final wave of the Necron attack materialises on the Space Marine flank as the rush up their remaining defenders to counter the move.
Necron warriors and command units move up to engage the defenders

The game was to carry on for another couple of turns as the Necrons successfully eliminated more Space Marine units, and moved into occupy squares with objectives.

In the game I was allowing up to three units to be located in a square. This did allow more units to be tabled, but I probably lost some of the games appeal by over crowding the units. In the next and final two games of the 6x6 challenge will be using smaller forces.

I am very keen to get to starting my Hundred Years War campaign which is all prepared and ready to go.

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