Thursday, 16 February 2017

Planning for some WW1 games

I am starting to plan out another set of games for the 6x6 challenge this time set in the WW1 period 1917-1918. I plan to use One-Hour Wargames (OHW) rules with a few modifications to add tanks and aircraft, which I used with much enjoyment about a year or so ago.

WW1 Peter Laing figures on a large base 3x4 inches
An infantry unit defending from their trenches
For units in trenches I used some quarter round wood to show units in trenches. They served their purpose, but don't really look very trench like. As I had some surplus brown felt left over from making fields I thought I would try out a different way of representing trenches.

Cost felt used to show trenches
The felt was cut out and duckboards quickly drawn on with a black marker pen as though you are looking down on the trenches. Also communication trenches can be shown.

With old trenches placed at the front
I recon I will just use the felt trenches without the old trenches (see below). Cheap and easy to make which is always a bonus for me.

A German Infantry unit occupying trenches
One rule adjustment which I intend to applying to OHW rules is reducing the number of hits you have to track. I am going to still roll the D6-2, D6 and D6+2 but for every two scored on the D6 deduct 1 hit rounding down. So a roll of 5 on a D6 would cause 2 hits. That way on the 7th hit the unit is eliminated, rather than the 15 in OHW.  Then units in cover require 3 to be scored for a hit (eg. a roll of 5 on a D6+2 = 7 and 2 hits).


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    1. Thanks. I have played one game with the trenches and rules. The trenches worked out well and did not interfere with movement where units sit awkwardly on terrain. Reducing the number of hits on a unit helped tidy up the tracking of hits.