Thursday, 9 February 2017

Hundred Years War Campaign - 6x6 Challenge

All being well I should be starting my Hundred Years War campaign games this weekend. Tonight I played out a few campaign map moves and set up the tabletop for the first game. Details of the campaign can be found here.

The campaign begins with all the English forces under three commands in the start square. The English move on a 3+ dice roll. The French have five commands, three of which start the campaign on the map and are positioned in their castle keeps. The remaining two commanders are following the English and can only enter the map once the English have vacated the start square (something they must try to do). Unlike the English the French move on a 4+. No diagonal moves are allowed.

After a couple of turns all the English commanders and their forces are marching along together away from the starting square and the chasing French are yet to enter. The French only move one unit to cover a ford.

The French chasing forces arrive as the English column is starting to fragment as their commanders let their men go foraging.

French Forces are yet to chase up - missing an opportunity as the English column gets spread out.

A few moves further down the track and an English force under the command of Prince Riddick attack a French force guarding a bridge crossing
The map defines the number of terrain features placed on the tabletop. The square where both forces occupy is plain except for the river and castle keep. So along with a river and keep two areas of rough terrain and two wood will be added.

Because I wargame on a gridded table top (6 inch square) I find I can easily use dice to determine the position of terrain features applying a few rules to get a reasonable spread of terrain.

Tabletop ready for troop deployment


  1. Plot thickens and first battle of the campaign is on the horizon.

    1. I am looking forward to the first game this weekend. It will be a small engagement of 7 units per side.

  2. This is a cleverly conceived campaign, looking forward to the progress.

    1. Having just started the campaign I am thinking the odds are a little bit stacked against the English, but if they win the first couple of games they may be able to skip past the French.